Yeronga District Residents Association

The Yeronga District Residents Association (YDRA) is a non-political community organisation devoted to addressing the issues facing the residents of Fairfield, Yeronga and Yeerongpilly. We love our district and strive to preserve its amenity and liveability through focusing on topical matters of importance to our members. Historically, this has covered a variety of issues, for example addressing issues concerning development pressures facing our suburbs.

For those of you interested in joining YDRA, the aims and objectives of the Association shall be to:

  • Preserve and enhance the residential amenity of Yeronga District
  • Assist in the development of community services of Yeronga District
  • Encourage the participation by local residents in the provision of community services in the Yeronga District
  • Establish and maintain contacts with the duly elected members of each of the three levels of Government (i.e. Federal, State and Local) and encourage their active participation in Yeronga District
  • Be non-political, non-sectarian and non-racial.

YDRA Priorities

Community access to parks, ‘Open space’, ‘Sport and recreation (District)’ and ‘Sport and recreation (Local)’ zones is diminishing.
  • Access to open space and parks is being reduced by enclosure, leasing to private and porting groups, closing off pathways, and development ‘trade offs’ (e.g Leyshon, Goodwin, and Paragon)
  • No ‘neighbourhood plan’ for Yeronga (including the riverbank and walkways) so no improvement in the quality of open space public amenity, nor facilities (e.g. Orient Rd park)
  • Inadequacy of ‘Moorooka-Stephens district neighbourhood plan’ to identify, protect or develop ; open space, green areas, and ecologically sensitive areas for community benefit, or to provide>access to existing open space areas in Yeronga District
Brisbane City Council – Tenant responsibilities for leased or licensed properties (inc. Good Neighbours Guide)
March 2021 GM Parks Committee Report
Paint Factory Development (115 Hyde Road)
  • Consider suggested development in the context of the community output from the 2016 YDRA public consultation re: Hyde Road Development
  • Identify and advocate for compatible community facilities and access
Hyde Rd Industrial Precinct 115-187 Hyde Road, Yeronga (12 hectares). Shown in purple below with Hyde Rd along the bottom edge and Cansdale St on the RHS
    • 2019 Brisbane Industrial Strategy – identified the Hyde Road low impact Industrial area as one of Brisbane’s “established and distinct industrial precincts” and classified it as being one of Brisbane’s seven Strategic Inner City Industrial Areas (SICIAs)
    • June 2021 – Our Productive City: Brisbane’s Industrial Future – Hyde Rd low impact industrial precinct was omitted from the Brisbane industrial strategy. No longer classified as a SICIA.
    • 2022 – Our Productive City – BCC -Hyde Rd Industrial precinct now considered transitional – for urban renewal
    • Inner Spark April 2022, BCC started this citywide conversation and engagement program with the aim to gather the brightest of ideas from Brisbane communities to help shape the future of the inner city.
    • Suburban Futures A group advocating for more strategic investment in social and economic infrastructure in suburban and regional centres and operates with the active and generous support of Corporate Members and a large group of individual subscribers
    • Suburban Renewal Precincts – Through the suburban renewal precinct program, BCC will work with site owners on planning for transitioning these sites, particularly where multiple landowners are involved, and will continue to work with local communities to ensure they are consulted throughout the transition process. Hyde Rd is deemed a transition site
Readings on Suburban Renewal
  • Three ways to fix the problems caused by rezoning inner-city industrial land for mixed-use apartments (theconversation.com)
  • River Loop Cycle – safety for Residents, Cyclists, Pedestrians, all road users …

    • No public consultation or traffic monitoring data used to determine routes
    • No infrastructure, remediation of existing road defects, cycle lanes/road marking, or specific safety or hazard signs for cyclists/motorists; preferred routes and speed limitations on hill sections (e.g. Anita St, Mooney St, ..) and obstructed corners (e.g. Feez St) should be marked
    • The ‘River loop’ signs are confusing, inaccurate and nonsensical (e.g. ‘to city’ ‘from city’
      directions meaningless on a bi-directional loop circuit)

    Topics of Interest

    Development Applications
    View at:  https://developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au/ – enter Yeronga to view DAs in our area

    Orient Park Issues
    Peter Poulsen and Bruce McNaughton have identified 78 properties in the Orient Park area that are at a higher risk of flash flooding due to illegal drainage in our local drainage system.
    Bruce has put together a chronology of the events in this area for the last 20 years that have created this problem. Chronology of Orient Park Issues

    Parkside Yeronga
    For more information: Yeronga Priority Development Area

    Attending BCC Council and Standing Committee meetings
    Rules for attending BCC meetings

    Queensland Justice of the Peace service
    Tuesday – 11am to 3pm
    Wednesday – 11am to 3pm
    Thursday – 11am to 3pm
    8A/108 Wilkie St, Yeerongpilly – take the lift to 1st Floor
    Phone: 07 3392 2455